Santeria 101

I’ve seen quiet enough in the Ocha / Santeria over the years and I’ve decided its time to divulge information to those who plan to be crowned / receive Kari Ocha. I support you efforts and I begin by advising you to read up as much information on the faith as you can. It is a religion filled with mysticism, beauty and one where everything has an explanation.

If you came to this blog you are either a skeptic or someone who is interested in consecrations into the religion and are either unsure as to the path or how to even start. I recommend following my blog and posting questions as I will responding to the questions as they come in.

I’ll give a quick overview of the religion and how to get started! Sounds good so follow. If you have any questions please post them below and I will respond to them as soon as I can. If i do not know the answer then I will send to elders in the religion for advice.

Santeria is an Afro-Caribbean religion brought over to Cuba by the slaves. the slaves came from different parts and different tribes. Each tribe had their own patronage Orisha (Saint). In order to preserve the religion the slaves each gave their patronage saint to each other. Hence, why, when you  do Kari Ocha you receive so many Orishas.  In Nigeria if my memory serves me right, you general only receive your tutelary guardian Angel and feet.   I’ll explain this  latter in detail in another blog.

Hopefully, I’ll given you some what  of a bases. Now  the religion as  it evolved in Cuba  became synchronized with Catholicism. This is why so many involved in Ocha refer to their Orishas with Catholic Names.

The five principal orishas are Obbatalla, Yemaya, Chango , Ochun and Eleggua. Each Orisha is given  an energy  in which they reign over . For example, Obbatala isKing of our heads nad king of  the white cloth ( I’ll discuss further in other blogs), Yemaya  is mother to all and is  owner of the oceans, Ochun is the Orisha of Love and is owner of the rivers and finally Eleggua who stands at the cross roads and  is Orisha who opens and closes your path.

This is your first  101 Class to be continued…… Please post your  questions and I will respond to them .. I look forward to your questions.



  1. Hi am new with the Santeria religion but I’ve always belief in energy and the power of the candles in general I believe that religions and energy go hand to hand but I want to learn more of how to attract the good luck and the good Vives as well as getting rid of the bad ones. I’ll like to learn am and open mined person and I’ll love to learn more

    • Bienviendos! Welcome. I’m glad you found interest in the Ocha. LA Regla de Ocha is an organic religion. It grows and adapts keeping to is fundamental principles ( id discuss at a later time). In the religion, we do use candles and in espiritismo we also use the power of the candles to light the way for our ancestors.

      If you have any further questions please feel free to come back to the site and ask… Remember to check up as I will be updating the site.

    • Thanks so much for coming to the site and checking it out. I know, at times it can be overwhelming all the material out there. I will try my best to answer all the questions you have. I’ve been on a break from writing. However, I’m back. In response to your question, I would first ask you to maybe make a list of what you would like to know?
      What is Ocha?
      How are the Orishas?
      Where do the come from?
      How do they correspond to our everyday life?
      How do learn more? How do I get involved?

      These are just a few question some people have. If you have specifics I can give you a primer. and then take it from there. Please reply back and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • hi there i have so many questions…i tampered with this religion when i was much younger but then i went a different path,but i find myself coming back to this..but i really never got to deep into this,being i havent come across anyone who seems to really know what this religion is about or ive havent gotten close enough to talk about these things with someone..u seem very knowledgable just from what ive read..I’ve been doing much more research now that we have access to so much more online..but if its possible to have a private email or chat conversation about some things..i need a guide..and i have no idea how to go about finding and doing these things properly,being im not surrounded by anyone who i openly know who ide really appreciate chatting with you about it,if you dont mind? ive got illness n many troubles n wonderful things but im trying to find some balance and faith…i hopr to hear from u so far your info has been helpful
        thank you

      • Thank you for visiting my site. My apologies for not responding sooner. La Regla de Ocha (AKA Santeria) is a beautiful religion rich in culture and history. Many, unfortunately, their first experiences tend to be negative and hence, our religion receives a sour taste in a initiates mouth. I’m glad that you heart and your spirit are guiding you to the way of the Ocha. I’ve seen many miracles with La Regla de Ocha.

        Tell me where about are you? What information could I offer? What questions do you have? You’d be amazed at how many people actually practice. It could very well be that where you live there many not be practitioners, however, one receives ocha or practices ocha for ones own progress in life.

        I look forward to your questions..


  2. Can I move my Bovida in my apartment and if so are there steps i should take , I am new to Santeria but have a very strong connection and hunger for more information.

      • I have one large glass in the center incicled with 6 smaller glasses my prayer book ( Allan Kardec ) my cross I always keep flowers on it as well I can send a picture if need be . I tend to clean my water every week and like candles along with prayers in the morning and evening. Keep in mind I just started.

      • Well.. sounds like your off to a good start. I think in one of my post I outline the Boveda set up.. you do what feels right for you. Some People will tell you that someone needs to open the Boveda for you or you need to baptize the boveda… at the end of the days it’s your spiritual alter and make do with what you have. I would once in a while burn some incense and set one day a week as your day to check age water etc. If you have any other questions about the boveda or la Ocha let me know

  3. I have had some so nice things done to me . I was told I was put in a pot by a so called friend out of envy . Which I don’t understand I was a good friend to her. It was her own daughter who told me as we are close. So I chose to protect my self and home. I am short on space in my apartment so I am working with what I can . I also draped the alter with a white clothe and cleaned it before with Florida water and holy water after doing a cleaning in my apartment.

    • Hay people and there pots! Pray to your muertos, buildd strength in faith and justice y la misercordia de dios on your enemies . Never fear as you have the gs you can do to defend yourself!

      • I have been reading alot . To have a better understanding of the religion , I have also done cleaning by a crowned Santeria. And take her advice on the paths I need to follow . I see people jump right in but I chose to learn from my elders with experience.

      • It’s always important to read and learn and ask questions. If it’s one thing my padrino has taught me is to ask questions and not be afraid it’s the only way we learn. La Ocha is very complicated and organic religiob and evolves everyday. Funny I mention that but I plan on writing an article on here about Olokun de Santero and Olokun de If a . Which will definitely spark interest and ruffle some.e feathers and you will see in the article what I mean by organic and evolves. . Always find way to clean you self the best you can. Santero or santera can clean you or a babalawo

    • Sounds good. What you’ve done so far! You can add pictures of those who have deceased, you can add the gs to the Yale that you know work with your guides, could be a fabric, could be a hat all depends on your spiritual cuandrant

      • I have been reading alot . To have a better understanding of the religion , I have also done cleaning by a crowned Santeria. And take her advice on the paths I need to follow . I see people jump right in but I chose to learn from my elders with experience.

      • Sorry to be a pest but I thirst for knowledge. I do feel better already just doing my little things. I would like to ask a Question if I may. I put a candle for deviation and it went out this worried me. I relate it and know I think I was wrong for doing so but I prayed to God and my spirits. Did I do wrong ? I did a cleaning in my apartment but not with rum they were prepared for me. I also did the nine day banjo.

  4. Sorry to be a pest but I thirst for knowledge. I do feel better already just doing my little things. I would like to ask a Question if I may. I put a candle for deviation and it went out this worried me. I relate it and know I think I was wrong for doing so but I prayed to God and my spirits. Did I do wrong ?

      • It had a candle prepared to deviate certain people from a negitive to a positive. Nothing bad and the candle stopped burning at a third way down on its own

      • I Thank you for your advice like I said Im very new to this but I m ready now and want to do it right , no disrespect to anyone but there are alot if people claiming they have powers and instead it’s about money. I respect anyone that knows what they are talking about and not just in it for monetary reasons only. Thank you again.

      • Your very welcome. Anything I can offer as advice please feel free to ask away. Lastly que eleggua my guardian angel Te compania. Again anytime feel free to ask!

      • I haven’t been given the honor of knowing yet. But my dedication is there, for as long as it takes .i am learning the order in which to proceed with full dedication.

  5. I have questions. First of all hello and
    Bendiciones. I’m also new to santeria. My guardian angel is obatala. My godparents are awesome but I still have questions. My son marked in a reading to receive warriors and he did so I hurried and at to get my collares n my husband will soon receive his. I started being mentored in May 2014. I was very depressed after having my 3rd child. I found my padrinos and they immidiatly helping my famy n myself, however because of the energy I kept picking up after my 3rd chi I kept being unbalanced. My padrinos recommend me to have my collares and other recommended it would be the best thing for me. So my 13 year old had a911 and had to have cleanings and was marked for warriors. So I have my boveda I just don’t understand I know the rules for my collares but not how to use my collares or to communicate with my Muertos yet.

  6. I am new to Santeria and I’m Very interested because i would like to put a Spell on someone who did me wrong and made me feel the real pain in my heart, someone I trusted So much. I believe in Santeria but my question is how true is it, How much of this spell would work if I go to a Santero to do me the work? I am very interested in Santeria. Please Help Me!!!

  7. Hey.
    I’m new to this. My friend has been in the Santeria religion for awhile. Anyways, she took for a reading to the priest and he told me I needed my warriors to help me with my issues. So I’m ok with that; I just want to know is this somewhere I can stay at in the religion or is it expected I go further In it? If I don’t, is that held against me? What about if I practice Christianity as well?

  8. Is Santeria a pure white religion possibly, or just one that seems so tainted with negativity? Also, as someone who is Puerto Rican, we were taught to fear the beheaded chicken on people’s doors, the chupacabra (haha), and want to know about the white side….. I am interested in your response, (hope an email alert will show you’ve responded) and thank you for all your information and time.

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